About Water Damage Restorers Northwest, Inc. | Seattle, WA

We are Experienced Water Damage Restorers

We have built Water Damage Restorers Northwest on a high level of integrity. We believe that integrity is not receptive to compromise nor does it come in several shades of gray. We stand on the integrity of our company, our skilled professionals and on our word. In a business like this integrity means everything.

Unlike many companies where rapid employee turnover is just part of the routine, and new faces come and go like the northwest rains, Water Damage Restorers Northwest maintains a continuity of long-term, skilled employees, management and ownership. We have state-of-the-art equipment and all of our employees have up-to-date training. This alone makes Water Damage Restorers Northwest the exception in an industry of transitory, semi-skilled workers.

When you call Water Damage Restorers Northwest, you will talk to the same people time and time again. The same courteous and caring professionals that have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses over the past 24 years will serve you with the same attention. It is not unusual for a client that we serviced ten years ago to call with a loss and have the same individuals from Water Damage Restorers Northwest helping them again. We are proud of our employees and our reputation for first-class service and quality workmanship.

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    • “Not only did they do the job in a professional manner, like clockwork, in between they found time to comfort, sympathize, and encourage me to look at the bright side. I was privileged to have them in my home. We, at Boeing, are trained in practicing Continuous Quality Improvement. One of the cornerstones of quality is complete customer satisfaction. With the services provided, I wasn't only satisfied but delighted...”
    • “I also wanted you to know that I consider myself a knowledgeable handyman and am quite proficient in many trades, but I know very little about the type of work Les does. Les was quite polite at all times and answered all my concerns graciously and completely. Please accept our most sincere gratitude for a job well done and rest assured it will be remembered...”


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