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    Over 35 Years of Service

    Why settle for less? With over 35 years of experience, we have the know-how to solve your problem.


"When the Worst Happens, Call the Best to Help You Fix It”

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Our Water Damage Restoration Company in Seattle, WA

Water Damage Restorers Northwest, Inc. was established in 1977. Every customer we have receives personalized service straight from the owner, Mark Bradley. Our customers call us because they want to work with us, not because we solicit. We treat each of our customers as an invited guest, and will treat your home as if it were our own as we help it get restored back to its former state.

The philosophy we work by is to always do what is fair for our customers, what is fair for the business, and what is fair to the owner. We do not focus on each equally and will not ever neglect one aspect of that philosophy for another.

Many water restoration companies try to please the insurance companies more than their customers, but we always fight for the customer’s needs first, and not what is best for the insurance company. We work directly for our customer, and do not depend on finding jobs through insurance companies either, which makes our service much more personalized and attentive to the individual and unique needs of each customer.

Biography of Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley entered the water damage drying business in its infancy 36 years ago in Seattle starting the first exclusive water loss drying company serving the Greater Seattle area. Over the years, Mark integrated new methods and innovative concepts to the industry that other companies employed only years later.

Today we are always looking at creative ways to dry out homes and their wet salvageable materials with an eye on reducing the cost to homeowners and businesses. Each job has its best solution and not a standard cookie cutter approach. Every customer gets the benefit of my years of experience and personal involvement.


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    • “Not only did they do the job in a professional manner, like clockwork, in between they found time to comfort, sympathize, and encourage me to look at the bright side. I was privileged to have them in my home. We, at Boeing, are trained in practicing Continuous Quality Improvement. One of the cornerstones of quality is complete customer satisfaction. With the services provided, I wasn't only satisfied but delighted...”
    • “I also wanted you to know that I consider myself a knowledgeable handyman and am quite proficient in many trades, but I know very little about the type of work Les does. Les was quite polite at all times and answered all my concerns graciously and completely. Please accept our most sincere gratitude for a job well done and rest assured it will be remembered...”


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