Water Damage Restorers

When the worst happens, call the best!



Our best salespeople won't be calling on you because they're homeowners...and even though they've experienced our quality service first-hand, as a rule they shouldn't go around talking about it...fortunately our customers never follow the rules.

The notes and letters on this page represent only a few of the many encouraging and heartwarming responses we have received from our customers over the years. All names have purposely been concealed to protect their privacy.

"I am writing this letter to inform you of what great employees you have. During my recent misfortune of excessive water damage to my house, I had the great fortune of having your firm bail me out. They renewed my faith in the American workers quality performance."

"They were conscientious, hard working, courteous, caring and perfectionists. They treated my house as their own, with all the respect and care that goes with it. One of the rooms that got water damage was a prayer room where they displayed great sensitivity even though they might not have known a lot about our Indian religion."

"Not only did they do the job in a professional manner, like clockwork, in between they found time to comfort, sympathize and encourage me to look at the bright side. I was privileged to have them in my home. We, at Boeing, are trained in practicing Continuous Quality Improvement. One of the cornerstones of quality is complete customer satisfaction. With the services provided, I wasn't only satisfied but delighted..."
Mercer Island customer

"Thank you so much for your kindness, thoughtfulness, excellent job and quickness in getting the job done! I'm thrilled...thanks again...."

"Great job as usual. Thanks for the quick service...."

"We are so pleased with the job you did for us. You have our gratitude and our recommendation regarding your services..."

"Thanks again for the great job you did when our sewer backed up. Never thought our house would be livable again."

"I want to thank you very much for the help you gave me in my time of need.  Everyone involved did a great job.  You and your company will be highly recommended by me to anyone needing your water damage services..."


"I wanted you to know we all are very pleased with Les' work, expertise and professionalism. Les performed his work with no delay's and executed all steps with nothing less than the professional results I hoped for and expected."

"I also wanted you to know that I consider myself a knowledgeable handyman and am quite proficient in many trades, but I know very little about the type of work Les does. Les was quite polite at all times and answered all my concerns graciously and completely. Please accept our most sincere gratitude for a job well done and rest assured it will be remembered...."

"Just wanted to take a few minutes to say how grateful we are for all the work you did in restoring our house after the flood.  We don't know what we would have done without you..."

"Thanks for all you help.  The house is as good as new.  We appreciate your fast service.... "

"Thanks again for the work you, Les and Chris did for me when my condo flooded.  I would recommend your work to anyone who encountered such unfortunate circumstances as my own..."

"Thank you so much - what a great crew!  If you ever need a reference for a job well done call on us.... "

"The carpet downstairs looks great.  Never thought customer service like I received from your company existed anymore. "